Ascended embraces originality and imperfection. We only utilize our original characters and designs, and all of our products are handmade. We believe that the embracement of imperfection is a pathway to happiness. The ubiquity of imperfection allows everyone to witness its beauty, and reminds people to accept their own beautiful imperfections.

When products are crafted by hand, imperfections will appear within the design. The inevitability of imperfection contributes to the value of original artwork, as all products are unique manifestations of the artist's ideas. No two handmade garments are identical, and human imperfections reflect the design's character. The creation of handmade garments, especially those sourced from secondhand stores, protects the environment from the harm of fast fashion.

Over 50% of our products come from environmentally sustainable secondhand garments. Fast fashion threatens our environment, and we believe that the commerce of environmentally sustainable clothing is the most effective way to help the environment escape the detriments of fast fashion. We denounce the cruel manufacturing practices of fast fashion companies, and we hope that people purchase handmade and original products instead of those made by fast fashion.

Created by Jake Diamond and Sam Diamond