Ascended Clothing, created by Jake and Sam Diamond, strives for a sustainable future. The adventure of Fig, our amphibious hero, illustrates our commitment to prolonging the life cycle of clothing. Fig believes in the potential of reusable materials, which he uses to make shelter and gear for himself and his friends. Evil forces try to steal water from his home pond. He must defend the pond from the evil forces, or else the ecosystem will not have the water it needs to survive.

He travels around the solar system to gather and share reusable materials to reduce water waste, since he knows that water waste threatens any ecosystem. Fig and his friends hope not only to save their pond, but to defeat the evil forces and promote sustainability worldwide. As they begin their mission, they form the team known as the Amphibious and Spatial Creatures' Expedition towards Newly Discovered Energy Distribution, or A.S.C.E.N.D.E.D.

Each of our unique products come from a secondhand source, because we want to extend the life cycle of clothing by upcycling. Buying and selling secondhand repurposed/upcycled clothing reduces water waste worldwide. We believe in the celebration of originality in fashion and art, so we only create products using our original characters. We hope that you will join Fig and his friends in their fight for a better future! Which character will you choose?